Milli McGregor graduated from the Red & Yellow School of advertising in Cape Town, specialising in illustration and design. Since then, she has used her innovative and creative vision to embrace various other art forms and techniques.

Her African roots and strong instinct for different cultures significantly influences her art and have allowed her to play with a mix of textures, colours and materials. She is driven by a natural curiosity for the world around her and the idea that change is the only absolute.

Her creative output now includes painting commissions, branding, murals, ceramics, illustration and sculpture.  At her studio in the heart of the historic city of Winchester, she leads weekly painting, ceramic and print workshops for children and adults of all ages and abilities.

Milli has exhibited her work in various central London galleries, the United States and South Africa and in recent years she has curated exhibitions around Hampshire to give local artists a platform to showcase their own creativity.  

For workshop bookings or to get in touch with Milli about commissions and exhibitions or simply a touch of ‘Milli Magic’, please email millimcgregor@mac.com