My Family - Story Pot, inspired by watching my Son dive at the Southampton Diving Academy, and going wild swimming with my children locally in Winchester & the neighbouring sea. I inherited all my Grandparent's Black & White Photos, so I used them as inspiration too.

I grew up spending my childhood holidays by the sea in South Africa. My Oupa (grandfather) woke up at 5am every morning to go fishing. I would go along sit on the rocks & draw, watch the sun rise or go swimming with my sister. My Ouma (grandmother) is a swimmer, she also took the time to teach me the art of fine line drawing & how to make the best preserved curry fish in a glass jar. (I still need to master this recipe)

The Weave was created in the very end as extension of my life. Organic & flowing. My favourite part is the red cord rope running through the whole pot (from the ceramic into the weave, binding it together. With 3 very precious fish swaying in the wind.

 Medium : White collage buff clay, Coloured slips & pencils. Glaze Re-cycled plastic was used for imprints & the fact that you can stack them, use one as a planter or hide treasure in always amuses me. 

This Story Pot is not for sale, Commissions are welcome. The time scale is a couple of months.

 I would love to help someone create their own Story Pot. Work from your memories or a much smaller version for children to fill their own treasure whether it be foreign coins, earrings... bits & bobs.