Do you ever feel a bit lost in the masses... Yesterday I left Ooskapella, a small little needle point in the Netherlands. I stayed in my car due to miscommunication - I thought the landlord offered me the caravan for two nights. After a whistle stop to Rotterdam, I found all my belongings in a wheelbarrow, in a shed. I made the best of it. I sat under the stars, read a little book with a torch next to the sheep. Sheep are noisy at night. They sneeze allot or perhaps it's the changing of the season. I have been driving forever and love the juxtapostion of the windmill next to the turbines - lots of bird murmurations.

Off to a cabin a viking cabin. Hoping to produce allot today. 

I popped into a pop up gallery in Rotterdam and met an amazing curator that was inspired by a single tattoo to start a passion of collecting tribal Canadian art.

Taking some inspiration and trying a different style. Why not. I think that's the backbone of this trip to develop as an artist. We all need to re-invent ourselves every now and again. This is how we can stand apart from the masses. 






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