Paris/ Brussels

I cant believe it's been a week on the road. I'm so sorry for not updating regularly here but my connection to the www is limited, and when I do sit down in a café it's to draw what I see and not to connect. It's been a whirlwind and driving a wee bit of a challenge on my own (wrong side of the road) especially in Paris. It was 27 degrees and in the middle of autumn  - I was in my Swimmers.

In Paris I found myself in a very lively Argentinian bar/ restaurant with the company of my ink and paper to draw some Menly Men. Bottom left caught my eye and was not impressed. I will do more of these little collections of people. Embarking on this journey I din't have a set plan of what was going on canvas but now it's flowing and I'm enjoying just stopping in a park to admire statues, draw them and marvel at the movement of people. 

Day 7 I'm driving to Veere to swim, weather still marvelous and nature is calling. I feel like a fish out of water & I will stay in a little caravan in the middle of no-where to produce a couple of pieces. Photos to follow. Totziens





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