illustration print wood

I painted this lemon outdoors by the river while my then young kids were swimming wild ... we had an exchange student from Nantes & we were helping him with his English. This was a cover for a recipe book project. Never completed and I have no idea who has the original painting.

I think still life is the best way to start if you are wanting to learn the basics of oil painting -

Shadow, perspective and colour and size.

I can guide you with complimentary colours and backwashes.. a few tricks of the trade.

I love a wood-based canvas. You can carve, burn and paint on it. Cheeseboards are a firm favourite. Very versatile and natures gift. 

There have been enquiries for oil painting classes - 

Hang on tight, I will work on some flyers and times.

1 on 1 classes will be available, 

Vouchers for Christmas are always a wonderful gift.


Matley's Yard, Wharf Hill, Winchester, UK, 

SO23 9NQ





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